As a father of 4 my wife and I searched for a clean, safe and nurturing childcare facility that we felt would provide a secure environment for our young girls. A place, that would make them feel secure and at home and we would not have to worry about their health and wellbeing. A place, where they could grow, learn and develop the traits and social-emotion skills needed to take their place in this ever-changing society. Unfortunately, we could not find such a place. After speaking with many of our friends and neighbors who felt the same way my wife decided to open a place where children could become part of our family! The Baby Spa family.

We opened our doors and hearts in October 2004. A place where children who enter our doors are treated with respect and service that would make them truly feel like they had a day at a real SPA.

Our program is designed to engage both parents and our children in a partnership of working and learning together to make daily life easier, so parents have less to worry about and children get the attention and pampering they deserve. Just ask our infants about their Thursday “foot massage”.

Come see for yourself why the Spa is a special place for your little ones!