In many ways, children are like small scientists (Gopnik, Meltzoff, & Kuhl, 1999.) They actively gather information about what objects and people are like. They actively investigate and experiment with how one relates to another. Just like scientist, infants move beyond what they know to discover what they don’t know. Infants are on a journey of discovery, actively making meaning of all they encounter. Children ask us to join them as traveling companions on this meaning-making journey.

At the SPA, our role in this is quite specific, providing a safe, engaging play space, graciously inviting them as collaborators in the daily routines, and generously sharing the language and consistent expectations of this new world they are now a part of.

Children need consistency, encouragement, respect and acceptance. Knowing they are valued in a nurturing environment. We welcome you to visit the SPA anytime and see for yourself how our unique environment helps children move to the next level.