Welcome-happy to have you aboard!

The following information must be provided prior to your child’s starting date including:

  • Child Enrollment Application
  • Vaccination Records
  • Parent Obligation Form
  • Emergency Medical Treatment Form
  • Universal Child Health Records
  • Signature for Parents Handbook
    • Information on release of children
    • Positive Guidance and discipline policy
    • Policy on methods of parental notification
    • Policy on communicable disease management
    • Expulsion Policy
    • Policy on use of technology and social media

So that we can keep our records up to date, please advise of any information changes during your child’s enrollment.

Security Deposit

A security deposit may be required equivalent to one month’s tuition to secure your child’s enrollment. This deposit will be applied to your child’s last month at the SPA, if written notice is provided at the beginning of the month.