Child development information may be divided into four areas: Social-emotional, physical, cognitive, and language for children from birth to 36 months.

At the SPA, its never to early to begin learning. The goal of our program for infants, toddlers, twos and 4 and 5-year old is to provide your children with a nurturing experience that fosters on social–emotional development and learning. There are 3 major objectives that our teachers pursue:

  • Objective 1. Regulates own emotions and behaviors
  • Objective 2. Establishes and sustains positive relationships
  • Objective 3. Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations.

Teachers provide increased cognitive and physical development through age -appropriate activities. Nursery rhymes and stories support cognitive development.

For toddlers, our curriculum works on building vocabulary to foster independence and numerical recognition to stimulate theirs minds and help to build a caring foundation.

For 3-year-olds, teacher led-activities, games and group discussions help to provide children with a love for learning. They are excited to learn how to write their letters, draw their shapes, read simple words and begin to explore basic math.

Our Pre- Kindergarten for 4- & 5-year-old curriculum is designed to prepare students for public or private Kindergarten. Focus is on reading, writing, math and social-emotional development along with fun activities games and music.

Enrichment Activities are an important part of our program. That’s why we partner with leading providers of age-appropriate enrichment activities to ensure our students are receiving a well-rounded learning experience both inside and outside the classroom.